It's never been done before — a single drive that reads, records, and rewrites CDs and plays DVDs (drive only reads DVD, not records or rewrites them). Ricoh makes it possible with its new Media Master MP9060A CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM ATAPI internal drive. A four-in-one drive, this revolutionary device features 6X CD writing, 4X CD rewriting, 24X CD reading and 4X DVD-ROM reading capabilities.


32x/8x/4x CDRW
SKU 005647   SRP $299

Media Master MP9060A incorporates award-winning Adaptec and SOFTWARE CINEMASTER DVD playback software. Plus, it features a 2-MB buffer and supports packet writing, track-at-once, multisession and disc-at-once write methods. With a low power consumption design, this drive requires no cooling. And your customers will appreciate its dust-proof environment.

SKU 005646   SRP $399

12X 80 min CDR media
SKU 444472   SRP $72.99
Stock up on Media Master MP9060A drives today. As the first drive of its kind, this product is sure to explode off your shelves.
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